Kayla's Carpet Cleaning in Barking IG11

About us

Gone are worries over whether you’re going to be able to fit your carpet cleaning in Barking IG11 in around the other things you’ve got to do this week. With us, you’ll get the appointment that’s right for you every time – we operate seven days a week!

So how about an appointment that fits in around your opening hours for office carpet cleaning services? Or a quick and convenient booking for fabric in your home? Perfect for when you don’t want to be hanging around. Whichever you need, we provide the highly trained professionals and top of the line equipment needed to give you perfect results. Every time.

Your Carpet Cleaning in Barking IG11 Step-By-Step

Step number one, once your carpet cleaners in Barking IG11 have arrived and shaken your hand, will be for them to remove any items of furniture from the area we’re going to be cleansing.

Step two? A spot-check of your entire rug, so that any stains are addressed first. It’s only after this that we’ll progress to the main body of your service.

We use dry cleaning techniques for naturally woven rugs, and usually recommend hot water extraction cleaning for most others. Dry cleaning obviously uses no liquids, so it’s much better for more fragile fabrics that might shrink if water is used. Hot water extraction cleaning is great for refreshing almost any kind of material, and also delivers great results in creating a pest and pollutant-free environment.

Our specialists

  • The systems needed to clean
  • Аll kinds of fabrics, in both commercial and domestic properties.
  • Experienced staff
  • Еquipped with Prochem’s latest hot water extraction and dry cleaning tools.
  • Scotchgard protection on request
  • Аs well as access to the most effective stain treatments.
  • The ability to relax!
  • You’re covered by full insurance and a complete guarantee of quality.

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